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Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, BeCleanse devoted to the production of antiviral supplies such as hand sanitizer and wipe.

In addition to supplying a large amount to the domestic market, BeCleanse's current production capacity can also supply a lot of hand sanitizer gel and disinfecting wipes to foreign markets. At present, we send a lot of 75% alcohol hand sanitizer gels to Europe, the United States and Australia every week.

Due to the current tight logistics routes and the different customs policies of various countries, seizures and requisitions often occur. To avoid this, we will quickly ship and transfer different hand sanitizer gels to countries and countries. If you are in urgent need of hand sanitizer gels, you can book with us in advance and we will send them to your door as soon as possible.

OEM and private Label custom services are also welcome, but the delivery time will be longer and the price of logistics cannot be guaranteed.

We are not only a manufacturer of hand sanitizers,
but also a one-stop solution provider of related supplies

Customize your hand sanitizer through 3 Simple steps.

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Confirm the type of hand sanitizers such as gel, spray, liquid or foam. Container capacity also.

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Send us a message about the requirements and details you want to customize.

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Confirm the type of hand sanitizer gel container, capacity, and ingredients, etc.

The hand sanitizer will still be a shortage in the coming months. Please plan your inventory schedule ASAP.

Due to COVID-19, clean and disinfect become a very important thing to protect your own health. Clean hands with an 70%+ alcohol-based hand sanitizer gels can kill germs more effectively, which has caused a shortage of alcohol-based hand sanitizers. The current production capacity of hand sanitizers is largely limited by related raw materials, such as pump heads, bottles, etc.

Since we currently receive a large number of inquiries from customers every day, and the capacity is in short supply, we generally determine orders on a first-come, first-served basis. Generally, the production of standard products is mostly based on the stock of raw materials.

And because many countries have already closed the country or closed the city, causing great problems in logistics and transportation. So in order to ensure that our customers can get our hand sanitizer in the fastest way and time, we cooperate with the freight company to ship hand sanitizer gel to several countries in advance every week.

In addition, we also provide door-to-door and DDP methods to ensure that you can receive the goods as quickly as possible. For more information, please feel free to contact us.


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